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A Death in the Family

When a close family member suddenly dies it can really take us by surprise and be emotionally devastating. The shock of the loss of life is not only heartbreaking but overwhelms us with strong emotions for a considerable period of time.

However, during this peiod of grief life goes on and we have to commence the activities of taking control of the deceased's estate. We must ensure that we look after the deceased's property, pay outstanding debts and commence the process of winding up the deceased's estate.

There is a lot to do, for example:

- cancel services (phone,internet, electricity, memberships, etc)

- pay outstanding debts

- close bank accounts & investments

- sell property, motor vehicles, furniture & other assets

All of these activites take time.

But the most important thing is to ensure you have the legal right to act as executor or administrator of the deceased's estate.

The process of gaining the legal right is called "probate".

One of the first steps to settling a deceased estate is applying for probate at the court.

Probate is effectively a court order giving the executor/administrator the legal right to deal with the deceased's estate in accordance with the Will or if there is no Will, in accordance with the laws of intestancy which specifies who is entitled to be a beneficiary of the estate.

Once you have probate you can deal with the deceased's property under the protection of law, however, you are still accountable for your actions. Executors or Admininstrators have a duty to act honestly, competently and in the best interests of the beneficiaries.

I strongly believe a family member should control this process, not a lawyer.

Deceased Estates is Big Business

In the USA over 2.4 million people die every year

In England about 485,000 people die every year

In Australia over 140,000 people die every year

Deceased estates are one of the most lucrative areas of law for law firms. Every law firm, without fail, will handle deceased estates because it is so easy for a lawyer to generate fee income for the practice.

Generally most people who die are older persons and there is an estate with money in bank accounts, investments, motor vehicles, real estate, insurance payouts and other property. When a Law firm settles a deceased estate they are guaranteed to get paid from the proceeds of the estate.

All law firms request the executor and/or beneficiaries to sign over the rights to collect the proceeds of the estate and deposit the proceeds in the law firm's trust account. Once in the law firm's trust account the proceeds of the estate are used to pay debts with the surplus funds being distributed to beneficiaries. However, what they don't tell you is the real reason why they want to channel the money through their trust account is so they can deduct their huge legal fees first before any money is distributed to beneficiaries. Often lawyers determine their legal fees based on the number and value of the assets of the estate rather than the actual work performed to settle the estate.

In reality, managing deceased estates is easy and should be handled by family members not greedy lawyers who want a slice of the estate. It's a difficult time for a family that has lost a loved one and the last thing they need is to be fighting a law firm over huge fees for performing simple administrative work which is not really legal work at all.

Settling Deceased Estates is Easy

Most people do not know the legal process of probate and settling a deceased estate so they engage the services of a lawyer and just pay the legal costs.

However, the process of settling a basic deceased estate is relatively straight forward and can be completed by most people with little or no legal training. Most of what this book covers is basic legal administrative processes that are actually carried out by law clerks not lawyers.

Most of the processes involve following a simple procedure, writing letters, completing forms, lodging forms and paying a fee.

An application for probate or letters of administration in uncomplicated estates can be prepared personally by the appointed Executor or Administrator, thus saving thousands of dollars in legal fees.

It is common, for Executors to make a personal application for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, rather than make the application through a solicitor or law firm. The process is easy and there are also services available to assist you in this process for considerably less cost than more conventional legal services.

It is much better to take on the role of Executor/Administrator yourself and personally contact financial institutions and all other organisations to wind up the estate.

When you engage a law firm to manage these processes you will initially meet with a lawyer who will provide the initial legal advice as to what needs to be done and act as your point of contact with the firm. The lawyer will then hand over the job to a clerk in the back office.

Most of the legal tasks to settle a deceased estate are very simple and are not performed by lawyers. Lawyers always delegate these tasks to less qualified paralegal or junior clerical staff. But you will be charged a high hourly rate for these services because the services were delivered by a law firm and the lawyer managed your matter.

If you can:

- Search for items on the internet using Google or Bing.

- Download template forms & instructions from Government websites.

- Complete Microsoft Word forms on your computer.

- Create simple letters on your computer.

- Send and receive emails.

- Place an advertisement in the Public Notice section of your local newspaper

- Visit a court registry office, take a number and wait in the queue

You can save thousands of dollars in legal fees.


Very Easy & Saved Thousands!

"When my brother died I hired a lawyer to apply for the grant of Letters of Administration. His estate was relatively simple consisting of an apartment, car, pension fund and a few bank accounts. When my lawyer quoted $8,500 professional fees plus outlays of over $2,500, I was infuriated. I fired the lawyer, conducted my own research and wound up his estate for about $1500 which was mostly advertising expenses and Court fees. That's a saving of $9,500 for performing simple tasks, such as, visiting the court registry to lodge the probate application. I recommend everyone should do their own legal work for deceased estates."

R.T., Australia


Easy Deceased Estates Shows You...

How to perform the work carried out by a law clerk to settle a deceased estate without the expense of engaging a lawyer. You will learn about...


Power of Attorney

Basic Deceased Estates Law

Intestacy Rules


Steps to Settle a Deceased Estate

Duties of the Executor or Administrator

Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

Settling an Estate without a Will

Distribution of Assets to Beneficiaries

Basic Property Law

Taxation of the Estate

How to engage a Lawyer (if required)

Easy Deceased Estates Works Everywhere...

This guide mainly applies to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

However, this guide is still useful in many other countries as the principles are the same in most western countries. Each jurisdiction has slight differences in procedure, legal documents, forms and which government agency handles the process. Don't let that stop you from conducting simple research on the internet to save yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees.

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